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Fish Now! Work Later!

With 35 years of experience fishing lakes and rivers in Wisconsin, from the Willow Flowage to Big Green Lake and numerous successful tournaments all over the midwest, we can guide you in to catching any kind of fish found in Wisconsin. Just ask the guide to take you where the fish are biting.

Our specialty lakes include: Fox Lake, Lake Winnebago, Beaver Dam Lake, Little Green Lake, Big Green Lake, Lake Puckaway, Willow Flowage Areal and Buffalo Lake.

The largest Northern Pike in Lake Puckaway or green lake only visit shallow water in early spring to spawn and in late fall to follow the huge schools of feeder fish to their shoreline spawning sites. May is their time for a real feeding spree.

Green Lake's and Lake Puckaway main drawing card is the Walleye. Averaging between 5-7 pounds, several Walleyes will be taken each year past the 12 pound mark. Learning the lake is key to good Walleye fishing.

Green Lake's Trophy Fish. Lake Trout season opens the 1st Saturday in January and runs through the end of September. A DNR survey recorded a 43 pound, 42.3 inch Lake Trout. Summer depths of 65-180 feet. An Inland Trout Stamp is required. Daily Limit: 2, Min. 17"

Fish near dark when the lake settles to a state of quiet. Sunset to daylight is the time to be on the water. The Bass will be cruising between the docks and shoreline. Size limit: 14"

Green Lake's most abundant and willing fish. Because of Green Lake's deep, clean, cold water, the White Bass are very good table fare all year long.

Lake puckaway and green lake Cats up to 30 pounds have been taken. The Channel Cat is the most plentiful, but the lake also contains Flatheads and Bluecats.

Few lakes offer the quality and quantity of Bluegill that Lake Puckaway and Big Green Lake has. A keeper Blue Gill is 6-8 inches long, going as big as 9-11 inches long.
Black and White Crappie swim in good sized schools in Green Lake and Lake Puckaway. Ranging from 8-14 inches.

Green Lake and Lake Puckaway have huge schools of Rock Bass, a very aggressive fish that will attack any type of food. Good tasting and hard fighting.

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