Luxury Vacation Rentals for Large Groups

Luxury Vacation Rentals for Large Groups

When planning a trip to Wisconsin for large groups, we can help take the weight off of finding perfect luxury vacation rentals. The right place will ensure that everyone is comfortable. Luckily, Wisconsin is a prime vacation spot for relaxation and it has the best large-scale vacation rentals.

The best of these rentals is Adeline’s House of Cool. It gives you a home away from home feeling that your whole group will enjoy. It also offers you access to Wisconsin’s beautiful scenery.

Read on to learn all of Adeline’s best amenities. You’ll find that this spot is perfect for any season and every event!

What to Look For in Large Luxury Vacation Rentals

There are certain amenities you should keep in mind when looking for a large vacation rental. Not every place will have features that will please all of your guests. Here’s a list of what Adeline’s House of Cool has to offer.

Keep in mind that some of these features are standard, but many are luxury. You should prioritize a place that goes above and beyond the standard.

Comfortable Bedrooms

Luxury Vacation Rentals Comfortable BedroomsAdeline’s has six spacious and cozy bedrooms. Aside from providing you with a comfortable place to sleep, they each have individual access to the rental’s wrap-around porch.

Additionally, each bedroom has its own hanging bench. This is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or snuggle up and look at the stars in the evening.

Opportunities for Relaxation

Luxury Vacation Rentals Opportunities for Relaxation

This large-scale rental also provides several features specifically for relaxation. These include:

  • Indoor inground 20-foot hot tub
  • 3 wood-burning fireplaces
  • Large outdoor fire pit
  • Private pier

Each of these amenities gives you an opportunity to get the most out of your Wisconsin vacation. When you’re not sightseeing, you can spend your time lounging in the hot tub or having a drink by the fire.


Luxury Vacation Rentals EntertainmentWhen it comes to entertainment amenities, Adeline’s House of Cool is unmatched. No matter what mood you’re in, you’ll find something fun to do from the comfort of your rental. Here’s a list:

  • Pool table
  • Antique slot machine
  • Pinball machine
  • Tuned piano
  • Jukebox
  • Stereo system
  • Dance pole
  • Satellite TV
  • 2nd-floor entertainment center

So, whether you want to dance, play games, or watch a movie, Adeline’s has you covered. You and your many guests will have your choice of fun.

Communal Areas

Luxury Vacation Rentals Communal AreasAdeline’s has many gathering areas so that you and your guests can spend time together. This includes gathering areas on the wrap-around deck, two dining areas, a full kitchen, and spacious grounds.

Access to the Great Outdoors

Luxury Vacation Rentals Access to the Great Outdoors

This vacation rental seamlessly gives you access to the great outdoors. At Adeline’s, you have a private pier, a small watercraft launch, and channel access to Lake Puckaway.

Also, the spacious grounds allow you, or your kids, to spend time outdoors without leaving the comfort of your rental.


Luxury Vacation Rentals PrivacyAdeline’s House of Cool is secluded in nature. This means that you’ll get to enjoy the peace and quiet that nature has to offer.

But, while secluded, many of Wisconsin’s great destination features are only a short drive away. When it comes to privacy, it’s the best of both worlds.

Vacation by Season

Adeline’s House of Cool is a wonderful vacation rental for any season. During any of these seasons, you can rent mid-week, for an entire week, or just for the weekend. Let’s talk about how you can get the most of this rental for each one.


During the springtime, everything is in bloom. Adeline’s gives you access to this blossoming nature. You’ll get privacy to enjoy this season while still having access to places with delicious seasonal food and activities.


Adeline’s channel access to Lake Puckaway makes this rental the perfect summer destination. Nothing says summer like a day at the lake. Also, there’s parking for RVs, boats, and trailers.


Adeline’s House of Cool is a beautiful spot to watch the leaves change. Renting this large-scale space in the fall will allow you to enjoy all of the best parts about fall: the crisp air, hot cider, and maybe even carving pumpkins.


There’s no better spot to cuddle up by the fire and sip on hot cocoa. This space can give you a cozy place to enjoy the cold weather. With its indoor hot tub and multiple fireplaces, it will keep you warm and relaxed.

Luxury Vacation Rentals: Perfect For Every Event

There are several events that Adeline’s House of Cool can make great. Here’s a list of a few so that you can imagine Adeline’s potential for a good time.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Adeline’s is equipped with a full bar, multiple coolers, and even a dancing pole. Not to mention the multiple games and access to nature. There are so many things to do in Wisconsin, and Adeline’s will take your bachelor or bachelorette party to the next level.

You could even have a joint bachelor and bachelorette party in a space this large. It’ll offer you plenty of room to play games and celebrate the soon-to-be newlyweds accordingly.

Family Reunions

This cozy spot will make a family reunion even more heartwarming. The multiple gathering areas ensure that you and your family can spend plenty of time together. While you’re meeting second cousins, you can bond over a game of pinball or a classic movie.

Couples Retreats

There are so many fun activities for couples in Wisconsin. If you and your friends have been looking for a couple’s retreat rental, Adeline’s is for you. Its cozy features ensure a romantic trip.

You can wake up with your partner and watch the sunrise from your private porch swing. Or, you and the other couples can make s’mores by the fire.

Choose Adeline’s House of Cool For Your Luxury Vacation

Adeline’s House of Cool is the best of the large-scale luxury vacation rentals in Wisconsin. We can provide you with everything you need and more.

Our property is available at any point in the week, during any season, and for any event. Our goal is to make sure that you feel at home when you’re on vacation.

Contact us today and we’ll help you reach your vacation goals!