Where Should I go for My Anniversary in Wisconsin

Where Should I Go for My Anniversary in Wisconsin?

Anniversary in WisconsinEach year, we approach our anniversaries in the same old, predictable ways. There’s nothing wrong with flowers, a fancy dinner, and a night out on the town, but why not switch it up this year and make it more special?

Give your significant other an anniversary gift they’ll never forget by booking the most unique and romantic cabin in Wisconsin: Adeline’s House of Cool. This is your sure answer to the question, “where should I go for my anniversary in Wisconsin?” The perfect and romantic getaway just for you & your loved one.

Whether it’s a surprise or you plan together, and a full week or just a few days, you’ll create lifelong memories that will change the way you celebrate your anniversary. Here’s why your next anniversary in Wisconsin should include a trip to Adeline’s House of Cool.

It’s private and romantic

Unlike crowded couples’ resorts, you can rent out this space and enjoy some quality time in solitude. From the massive hot tub surrounded by soft, twinkling lights to the three stone fireplaces and the oversized porch swings, there are plenty of places to cozy up together.

You can grab a drink from the bar and test out all of the cozy amenities Adeline’s has to offer without worrying about how many other people you’ll run into along the way. There’s also a fire pit outside, where you can sit and watch the sunset behind the flickering light of the fire. Bring snacks and a glass or two of wine for an aesthetically amazing way to end the night.

You can go out or stay in

Whether your romantic style means going out or staying in, you have plenty of options for both here. If you choose to go out, there are restaurants close by that have rave reviews. Scharenbergs White Lake Beach Resort in Montello is a great option. You can share drinks, appetizers, and a delicious dinner. Snag a table on the patio for gorgeous views of the towering pines and White Lake. At various times throughout the year, there are festivals, fairs, and tournaments that you can visit, too.

If you choose to stay in instead, Adeline’s has a full kitchen and a gas grill for you to use. There are plenty of grocery stores close by and cooking dinner together on vacation is a great way to bond and make memories. What’s more romantic than cooking and sharing a beautiful meal? Besides eating it together, Lady and the Tramp style, of course.

You’ll be surrounded by beautiful nature scenes and endless amenities

Adeline’s is on a private and beautifully manicured estate, so you won’t see neighbors or hear traffic sounds. You can sit on the porch in the mornings and bird watching, enjoy access to Lake Puckaway, and travel a short distance to hiking, walking, and biking trails. This is a perfect way for nature lovers to spend their anniversary.

Back inside Adeline’s, your anniversary in Wisconsin will be met with countless unique, fun, and entertaining amenities. From the dance pole to the jukebox and the outdoor DVD theater to the pinball machine, we know you’ll never be bored here. But between the cozy rooms, the soothing hot tub, and the warm fireplaces, we wouldn’t be surprised if you never made it over to any of the other amenities!

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